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Get business and professional opportunities hidden in your own network and beyond !

The aapasmein bridge of trust gives you access to millions of unknown customers, who already know you on aapasmein !
At aapasmein you will find that you are always amongst friends and well-wishers !

So stop worrying about how to find your next customer or a reliable service provider,
aapasmein ho jayega !









About aapasmein – driving vectors


For aapasmein aggregation means true partnership between millions of Indians resulting in honest benefits for everyone involved !

At aapasmein, we bring together individuals and professionals from across our nation and provide them with a platform to get opportunities through our trust based aggregation model.

At aapasmein you are always amongst friends and well-wishers !


aapasmein is fully aligned with professional and personal goals of our users. Does not matter if your are a service provider or a consumer.

Providing you fast, reliable and hyperlocal solutions to help you achieve your professional and personal goals is our only objective.

When you win, everyone wins !


At aapasmein we are focused on building a vast collective of dedicated professionals and entrepreneurs spanning the length and breadth of our nation.

Sign up and utilize the aapasmein bridge of trust and reach-out to millions of unknown customers throughout our nation, who already know you on aapasmein !

Worry not ! aapasmein sambhaal lenge !


We look at technology as a collaboration between digital commerce and the checks & balances of traditional business.

Digital tools that provide agility in exchange, inspire confidence and build trust is the aapasmein way of defining technology.

Everything can be achieved via the aapasmein bridge of trust between each of our users.

aapasmein Products & Offerings

We at aapasmein are single-mindedly focused in our pursuit of re-discovering, redefining and rebuilding Bharat’s traditional approach of generating viable commerce through trust based models.

Our offerings are a testament to Bharat’s rich heritage of commerce and exchange.

We are on a quest to unlock Bharat’s enormous hyperlocal business potential, we are traditional technologists !

Referral Aggregation and Augmentation Matrix

At aapasmein we are retracing back to the values inherent in our civilizational norms of conducting meaningful exchange and commerce.

The aapasmein platform and its trust vectoring principle ensure that our users and principal service providers are able to freely generate and consume referrals & leads in order to advance their business and professional goals through us.

Social Matrix and Symbiosis

aapasmein brings to you Social Matrix Symbiosis , our trust and technology based hyperlocal solution.

Get massive access to and an opportunity to share your product ,services, expertise and skills with millions of individuals across the nation with just one click.

The aapasmein trust vectoring bridge between our users ensures that everyone already knows you !

aapasmein at work - values above vision

aapasmein Values

Trust is at the very heart of all relationships, be it personal or professional. It is an all-encompassing word, it could mean Integrity to some, Reliability to others. We take it to mean all this and even more. It is built and reinforced over time and with every interaction.

Trust is the very bedrock of aapasmein.

aapasmein Vision

aapasmein believes that success of a collective is success of an individual. Unlocking the potential of millions of motivated individuals can set off a chain reaction with success far beyond our imagination.

We firmly believe the whole is much larger than the sum of its parts!